Authentic living
with a dose of deviance.
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Life is full of opportunities to celebrate. We think a Tuesday lunch is just as exciting as a Saturday supper. Here on our small farm, we learn how to celebrate each other, grow gardens full of flowers, play board games and live on the farm all year round.

We live on a four-hectare land in south of Poland where we raise our flock of laying hens, geese, ducks and a variety of produce in our large organic gardens. We are passionate to grow our own food. Sharing with you homegrown or local ingredients we want to give you a chance to create your own excellent meal. Taste of flavored liquor, the best homemade bread and pasta, Bożena’s aromatic jams or Rafał’s cheesecake to die for...

We would like to offer you a very personal welcome, deep in the Kotórz Wielki countryside. There is no exaggeration in the description of fog over the meadows or loud calling of cranes. The microclimate characteristic of this place was created thanks to the old backwaters of the Mała Panew River. It is because of them that all Turawa lakes were formed around. Here, time runs by its rhythm, giving a guaranteed rest. Early summer berries and autumn mushrooms hidden in the forest, walking and cycling routes make you forget about the flood of thoughts.

This is an undiscovered and unspoilt area of rural Poland just fifteen minutes-walk away from largest Turawa lake or drive to voivodship Opole city.

Creating our farmhouse is a story of true passion. A vision of a more authentic way of living with a healthy dose of defiance.

Since we moved to a rural side of France we fell in love with the beauty of idyllic living and started building our own traditional farmhouse step by step in Bożena’s grandfather’s land. Inspired by a deep love for simplicity and tradition we managed to carry out our dream of living a slow life on the land... All between is a history.

Today the place is a happy, messy, charming home to us as and our animals. It is a space where nature is the host, where "doing nothing" is a value in itself. The laundry hanging on the line may cause some to think we are old fashioned – and maybe that’s true. But whether we are pulling weeds, chop wood or collect hay, you are always welcome to join in.

You can stay with us few days or just a few hours. For passersby, strangers and friends we have a table under the birches for rest. You will always find in our place some eggs or lettuce, that you can buy and take with you.

We look forward to meet you. 
Bożena & Rafał