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and locally sourced food where time truly stops.
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what we offer

Our Spirit Holidays accommodation is simple, rustic and enchanting. Made from natural materials such as wood or linen, fully blends into the nature. Located in the ecological corridor band on the old backwaters of the Mała Panew riverbed on the edge of the forest, surrounded by meadows and away from other buildings guarantees privacy.

We offer our guests a whole 100 m² tent with environment that allows relaxation and regeneration in their own rhythm. The tent has two double bedrooms, a spacious living room with kitchen, bathroom and terrace. The main bedroom on the east side has a 160×200 cm bed, while the bedroom on the west side is equipped with two single beds of 90×200 cm, with the possibility of joining into single bed. In the living room connected to the kitchen, for an additional fee, it is possible to accommodate two more people.

The tent is surrounded by an open, private, part fenced area of meadows and forest, visited by numerous roes, deers, hares and birds. A private road leads to the tent. There is no television here - the nightingale accompanies your dreams. At the request of our guests, we make available sport equipment (bicycles, nordic walking sticks, fishing rods).

We offer our guests organic breakfast in the form of baskets with bread baked by us. Most products such as eggs, tomatoes and lettuces come from our garden. Remaining items we supplement from local suppliers.

The rental price includes bed linen, towels and a hairdryer. Additionally wood is included for every stay.

room layout

We run our Spirit Holidays glamping accommodation maintaining all hotel standards.
We guarantee peace and privacy of our guests.

Spirit Holidays is a glamping facility.
You will find no finer home away from home,
with sumptuous beds to sleep surrounded by nature.